Complete and full integration along the entire value chain: from production to R&D, from packaging and processing to logistics and distribution.

Key Factors

The Unifrutti business model is unique, because it allows the Group to have full control over the entire supply chain by adopting a circular system.

This integrated model is based on a product offer tailored to consumption trends and developed through R&D activities on plantations.

Direct ownership of the land, located in the different climatic areas of the world, allows the production and distribution of high-quality fresh fruit, always in season, on all markets.

Full Control over the Value Chain

Complete integration to monitor and constantly improve the quality of products and services.

  • 60 Owned farms
  • 43 Facilities
  • 6 Vessels and 5 Trading offices

Top quality products

Farming expertise and global sourcing to innovate production and distribution of premium fruits worldwide.

  • Over 70 years of experience as growers
  • Univiveros as the Group owned nursery dedicated to the development of new varieties
  • Almost 30 Club Varieties already in production


A Network of Companies

Decentralised but integrated structure to increase responsiveness, while operating in different markets.

  • 62 Companies
  • 15 Branches
  • Lean and flexible Head Office

Customer & Geography Neutral

Balanced presence and a wide sales network to maintain flexibility and help exploit opportunities.

  • Top 10 customers account for less than 30% of revenue
  • None of the geographical areas where we operate account for more than 25% of revenue
  • Over 500 customers worldwide