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Founded in 1986, Univiveros is the Unifrutti nursery specialised in plant production, variety administration and development services. Univiveros is constantly developing new technologies, species, varieties and business lines to innovate all of Unifrutti’s processes and products.

Univiveros broadens and diversifies the product range, enhancing the Group’s competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

The goal is to provide the industry with plants with the highest standards of quality, health and traceability, contributing to the growers’ success in establishing the orchards.

Today, Univiveros is the largest nursery in Chile and one of the biggest in Latin America, managing a wide range of varieties of different species and leading the national supply in protected programmes.

It is an affiliate nursery of A.N.A.(www.anachile.cl), a member of the Nurseries Association of Chile (AGV), and takes part in the Biofrutales Consortium’s breeding programmes.


Plant Nurseries


Cold storage centre
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Years of Operations


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The products of Univiveros


Table grapes, Wine grapes, Avocados, Apples, Pears, Cherries