From Family
Company to Global

Unifrutti has already started the necessary evolution from a family company to a family corporation, by strengthening the link between the divisions and by defining a common strategy. Now it is time to support the strategy with a new organisational model, capable of seizing the opportunities on the financial market.

March 2022 marks a historic chapter for Unifrutti as it joins forces with ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company renowned for its excellence and track record in the food and agriculture sector.

This strategic integration means a significant leap for Unifrutti, propelling it into a new era of global expansion and sustainable growth.

With ADQ as its new majority shareholder, Unifrutti accelerates its trajectory as a key player in the global fresh produce sector and aims to capitalize on commercial opportunities and strengthen its position as a the leading global fresh fruit platform.



cartons exported




hectares of farms in the world



With over 50 million cartons exported and almost 11,000 employees, turnover over 700 million dollars and more than 14,000 hectares of farms in the world (including in Chile, the Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Ecuador and Italy), plus partnerships all over the world, Unifrutti is entering the 2024s with an established presence as one of the most important players in the high-quality fruit market.