Research & Development

Over time, the Group has grown an important network of global collaborations and long-term partnerships with the most prominent research institutes and centres.

A considerable part of the land, know-how and resources owned by Unifrutti is dedicated to the development of the “varieties of tomorrow”, particularly in the Chilean division that continuously experiments with new fruit varieties.

In Chile, Unifrutti R&D is led by the Univiveros nursery, a proprietary research centre that allows the Group to constantly improve and expand its product portfolio.

Growing the varieties of tomorrow

Almost 30 Club varieties including citrus fruits, grapes, apples, peaches and cherries


productive hectares

dedicated to club varieties between Chile and South Africa


research partners

universities and research centers


Trees devoted to new variety testing

Product development

Unifrutti is involved in multiple varietal programmes and collaborates with breeders and associations across its divisions.

Some of the Group’s partners include: Summerland Varieties Corp, IFG, KIKU®, APAL, Sun World, Agro Selection Fruits, GKE, Genetic Access, SNFL, ARRA, CGA, IVC.