18 November 2022

The Economist – Harvesting value for a better tomorrow

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The integrated fresh fruit producer Unifrutti focuses on quality and innovating sustainably in the global fruit sector.

Agriculture has always been a fundamental tool for food security across the world.

Unifrutti, a globally integrated fresh fruit producer and trader connecting over fifty countries via its fresh products, aspires to enhance the welfare of its people and communities by putting workers’ health and fruit quality at the forefront to create a sustainable environment for businesses and society.

With many workers wanting to live life in their native country, Unifrutti, through its focus on expanding operations respectfully and reclaiming entire production areas, has been able to create working opportunities in locations where this was not previously possible. One example of this is in South Africa, where employees are also able to take advantage of an onsite healthcare clinic and primary care nurse.

In a world that can be so unstable, innovation also plays an important role. In Chile, the group’s nursery Univiveros provides millions of plants to third-party growers for the plant nursery business, resulting in several business opportunities and in healthier and stronger varieties. In the Philippines, an outbreak of Panama disease almost led to the abandonment of a midland banana farm. However, Unifrutti and the community managed to recover and sustain production through innovations. They now have new measures and tools in place, together with the knowledge needed to support growers in the area.

Climate change is seen as the biggest challenge to society and for Unifrutti and the industry as a whole, the ability to find the right approaches and tools for growers to help them continue adapting their practices in these changing times is vitally important.


The Economist Impact, 14 November 2022

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