Unifrutti’s operating divisions are strategically located worldwide and each of them has a distinctive structure, pursuing specific objectives in different countries and markets:

Local production
Worldwide trading
Head Office

in Chile, the Group owns 8 factories (+6,000 hectares) and mainly produces apples, grapes, pears and cherries; the Chilean division also manages the Univiveros nursery (+150 hectares), one of the largest in Latin America, as well as investments in grape plantations located in Ecuador

in Argentina (+300 hectares) Unifrutti invested in a plantation and a plant for processing lemons in the renowned area of Tucuman

in the Philippines (+1,700 hectares), the Group specialises in the production of bananas

In addition to the more than 14,000 hectares of owned and managed land, Unifrutti plays a fundamental role as an aggregation platform for local producers in the various locations.

in South Africa (+5,000 hectares) there are 4 factories for the production and export of citrus fruits and table grapes

in Italy (+300 hectares, +1,400 hectares managed) Unifrutti owns three farms (Marche, Apulia, Sicily) mainly for the production of citrus fruits, pears, peaches and table grapes. In addition to this, it controls the integrated pest management greenhouses (+80 hectares) in Almeria, Spain, producing vegetables

Unifrutti is present in 6 countries, to efficiently serve all the markets in which it operates.
In order to guarantee the quality that characterises the Group’s operations, the commercial divisions of Unifrutti directly handle and supervise the fruit processing in their own packing, processing and maintenance facilities, as well as operating ancillary services on behalf of third parties.

In Italy, the Group owns a banana ripening centre and three logistics platforms (Verona, Macerata, Catania) for packing, packaging, washing and waxing of fruits. The fruit processing facilities allow the Group to handle up to almost 200M kg of fresh fruit every year, while the banana centre located in Ancona has a maximum ripening capacity of over 11M kg and is used for both the Group’s and third-party bananas

In the Middle East the Group supervised the commercial operations with a coordination office in Dubai and the direct presence on the markets of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia

In Japan, Unifrutti owns two facilities in the ports of Tokyo and Kobe dedicated to ripening bananas (for a total of over 115 million kg per year), temperature-controlled storage of bananas and other fruits, ancillary services and management of operational and port activities

In Turkey, Unifrutti owns a fruit packing plant specialised in processing cherries and pomegranates with yearly capacities of 4.8M and 1.8M kg respectively

in China and India, Unifrutti operates with commercial offices in Shanghai and Mumbai


The Group directly handles land transport in most of its Trading divisions and manages sea transport by holding special facilities (a multifunctional facility and a fleet of 6 ships, 4 of which are owned) and framework agreements with the major container companies in the world.

The Group’s Head Office, home to the central operations, is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Head Office is in charge of defining the Unifrutti strategy and promotes coordination between the various locations.