Unifrutti Brand

The Unifrutti brand stands for tradition, dedication and knowledge. It is the legacy and represents the values of a multi-generation family that reaches out to the future, the story of a vision that has been achieved across almost a century of success.

The Unifrutti brand represents universal values of excellence, quality and well-being that produce a real benefit for the consumer, who can buy the best fruit, anywhere and any time, guaranteed by a company with full control over the supply chain and focused on continuous innovation.

Local Brands

The Group follows strict guidelines on food safety and agricultural practices, established both by international programs (such as HACCP, PPECB and BRC Global Standards) and by local distribution chains around the world.

Valdaso Farms is an local Italian brand featuring peaches, pears and seedless grapes, grown and sourced from the Valdaso region in Italy. The area, well-known as cthe garden of the Marche region, has been preserved from the impact of substantial industrial activities and the region has remained intact and scattered with orchards, vineyards and vegetable gardens.
Acquaviva Farms is a local Italian brand of Unifrutti used for specifically for table grapes grown from Unifrutti and its partners in Acquaviva delle Fonti, a small town located in the hinterland of the Puglia region in Italy. The area, well known throughout the nation and Europe for the quality of its fruit, such as table grapes, and other fresh products, has a unique climate and microclimatic conditions favoured by the proximity of the fields to the sea.
Unifrutti Nature is an Italian local brand, featuring both 100% edible skin lemons (from Unifrutti farms in South Africa and Argentina) and sustainable vegetables like aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, grown with integrated pest management in the Almeria (Spain) greenhouses. The use of integrated pest defence, along with the release of beneficial insects, allows it to drastically reduce the use of crop protection products.
The high-quality, environmentally friendly Shiawase Banana is grown at altitudes of 1,000 metres or more, in a plantation located inside a national park in the north-central region of the island of Mindanao, in the Philippines. The name shiawase means happiness in Japanese, where the bananas are marketed as a high-end gift, in luxury department stores.
The Saikouho Banana has a rich aroma and a thick, sweet taste. It is grown in an area at over 1000 metres above sea level - the highest altitude of the Unifrutti farms in the Philippines and it dedicated to Japanese clients looking for the best quality in the market.
The Kin No Fusa Banana is cultivated painstakingly in Unifrutti highland farms in the Philippines and is marketed in Japan as a premium banana. These bananas are characterised by a great mouthfeel, as they are grown and matured with great care.
The Superior Midland Gihobi Banana is a mature crop from the Unifrutti farms in the Philippines, marketed in Japan as an everyday luxury for demanding consumers, to treat themselves or their family. Cultivated carefully for about 12 months, it is characterised by an enriched sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel.
The Kodawarich Banana has a rich and sweet taste and a great mouthfeel, generated by the healthy soil and clean water used in the eco-friendly selected farms in the Philippines. It is marketed in Japan by Unifrutti as a special selection in everyday table fruits.
The Yasashisa Superior Lowland Banana is grown under sunshine, by facilitating cultivation control work in the Unifrutti farms in Mindanao, Philippines. It is marketed in Japan as an everyday, family product, providing a fresh taste and solid quality.
The Del Sol brand is an historic brand of the Unifrutti group and it is used to sell the Group bananas from Philippine farms in the Middle East. Del Sol in Spanish means Of the Sun and features premium and everyday, carefully grown and matured bananas.
Kwametsi is a brand sold in the Far East for everyday citrus fruits, from our South African Plantation Kwametsi. The name means plenty of water in Xhosa and the name comes from the characteristics of the farm itself, well-known for its abundance of water.
Unifrutti grape product line on the Japanese market offers the best tasting grapes of the season, with a production area ranging from Chile to Mexico to the United States. The product range includes green, red (including red globe), and black seedless grapes and a mixed colour tasting offer, all wrapped in packaging sizes to-go that are easy for customers to enjoy.
Oranfrizer is the leading Italian brand for the distribution of citrus fruits, all harvested in Sicily, in the Catania Plain dominated by the Etna volcano. Since 1962, its core business has always been the Sicilian blood orange; it is joined by citrus and typical fruits grown on the largest and most fruitful island in the Mediterranean, all distinctive for their high quality and prestigious Italian origin.
Oranfrizer Juice is a spin-off of Oranfrizer, producing 100% NFC juices in Italy (Sicily) since 1995 and selling its products throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Far East.
Solo di Sicilia is a brand featuring all the fruits produced by Oranfrizer in Sicily. All the citrus fruits, and fruit and vegetables from this brand are distinguished precisely by their origin. Their production chain is short, their flavour is unique and many other characteristics of the fruits are characterised by the special conditions of the endemic production area.