The second generation.

The Group’s activities are divided by sector and geographical location and Unifrutti starts becoming a group of companies, a multicultural organisation with a large and extended family that produces and ships fruit around the globe. In addition to its own production, Unifrutti diversified the business providing packing, shipping, processing and ripening services to other companies in the sector.

The company is continuing its internationalisation process, following in Guido’s footsteps, by repeating in other countries the same strategy adopted in Chile.

In Italy

In Italy, the group launches Unifrutti Italia in 2006, strengthening the link with the family's country of origin and establishing an important operational centre in Padua, the Shipping Division of the Group.

In Japan

In Japan, Unifrutti enters the market in 1996 selling bananas grown in the Philippines, and there, together with Chiquita, creates Chiquita Unifrutti Japan.

In the Philippines

In Philippines, Unifrutti first invests in banana production with Del Monte, then becomes independent and expands to cater to the Arabian market. Here, the Group creates one of the most important plantations of the future Unifrutti Philippines.

In South Africa

In South Africa, the local division is founded in 2000 and in only a decade becomes one of the pillars of the group. Unifrutti South Africa includes a network of packaging plants and four farms, constantly growing thanks to continuous investments and partnerships with selected suppliers.

In Turkey

In Turkey, the geographic proximity to the Arabian market, together with favourable climate and investment opportunities, lead to the foundation of Unifrutti Turkey in 1991. Today, the division is an important element of the Group's operations, especially in the production of cherries.

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