How we
create value

Sustainability goals are embedded in how we operate as a business and our aim is to constantly elevate our environmental and social initiatives and continue to plant and grow fruits responsibly for the planet and create value for our key stakeholders.

For the planet
To people & com-

What we actively do for the planet

Unifrutti has always considered the commitment to responsible agriculture as a fundamental part of its own identity.

From the very beginning, the Group has contributed to the well-being of the environment in which it operates, preserving natural biodiversity, soil fertility and cleanliness of water. In each of its locations, Unifrutti acts in alignment with international best practices, ensuring lasting benefits for territories and local communities.

Thanks to the full control of the production chain, the Group maintains full control of its environmental and social impact as well, setting the highest safety and quality standards from the outset.

Alignment with local and international environment protection standards.

Wildlife protection as part of our environment protection programs.

Proper waste treatment and disposal, use of alternative energy, reduction of chemicals and pesticides.

Continual improvement of our operational processes, reducing the use of natural resources and monitoring the environmental conditions.

Implementation of the “Grassroots Rehabilitation and Enhancement of Environment and Nature (GREEN)” project, which aims to reforest critical and degraded areas in the Philippines.

What we give to our people and communities

Unifrutti prides itself on creating an international and diverse community of people working in different countries across the globe where fruits are grown in harmony with nature and local communities thrive
Our employees are the backbone of the Group and, as an employer, Unifrutti has always paid the greatest attention to its Human Capital needs, developments, well-being and empowerement, regardless of their nationality, gender, culture and religion.

As Covid-19 spread in 2020, we mobilised quickly to safeguard the health and well-being of our people across the whole value chain. Around the world local teams followed guidance from health authorities to protect our employees across the farms, packing and distribution facilities and offices. From the early stages of the outbreak our farms and production facilities continue to operate with significant covid-19 safety adjustments and reduction in-person to person interactions while our office -based employees have been shifted to remote work.

Furthermore, we offer special insurance programs to workers and their families across different continents, and we encourage personal development and professional growth at every level.

Unifrutti takes part in numerous global initiatives, including Rainforest Alliance and SIZA (Sustainable Initiative In South Africa).

Fair treatment, health and safety for our workers.

Strong support to continuous learning through staff development trainings, educational assistance and constant improvement of agricultural technologies.

A more comprehensive approach to addressing sustainability issues through constant communication with local institutions and stakeholders.

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Partnerships with Indigenous peoples all around the world, protection of buffer zone communities in the operational areas and creation of livelihood programs and scholarships for community stakeholders and their families.