20 November 2020

Freshplaza - Aweta installs an apple sorting and packaging line in Chile

The apples of Southern Chile are waiting for news. In the Unifrutti plant in Linares (total storage capacity 25,658 m2), the installation of a modern Aweta line for sorting and packaging is under way. The line will have a sorting capacity of 60 bins/hour and a packing capacity of 28 t/h.

25 May 2021

Unifrutti Lemons: segmented demand

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26 August 2021

Freshplaza – Oranfrizer at Cibus 2021

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19 June 2019

CEO Magazine – Alberto Bacani interview

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12 July 2021

CEO Magazine – Linda De Nadai interview

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26 March 2021

Freshplaza – Sicilian Oranges back in McDonald’s

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19 February 2021

Hortydaily – Unifrutti expands into vegetables

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